Want to Improve Your Health and Support Your Healing?

The Mind + Movement MethodĀ is a self-paced, online course that will educate you with easy-to-digest information, that you can personalize and apply to your specific situation to support your health and healing journey!

It's time to take control and use the power within you!

Want to Improve Your Health & Support Your Healing?

The Mind + Movement MethodĀ is a self-paced, online course that will educate you with easy-to-digest information, that you can personalize and apply to your specific situation to support your health and healing journey!

It's time to take control and use the power within you!

Have you been diagnosed with Lyme Disease/Coinfections or an Autoimmune Disease?

Are you frustrated with how to handle the day to day unknown?

Are you dealing with chronic symptoms and would like to learn how to manage them better?

Do you spend a majority of your days strugglingĀ with joint pain, chronic fatigue, brain fog, or even feelings of anxiety or depression?

**maybe you're unsure of how to manage your health better?

Maybe you could benefit fromĀ upgrading your current lifestyle to promoteĀ good health and disease prevention?

Do you struggle to stay consistent, understand how your body has specific needs, or how the mind-body connection plays a vital part in your health and/or healing?

I'm Ready to Improve!

Most individuals thatĀ begin on their own, do not create sustainability or realistic measures.

People have the best intentions beginning their journey, but without having a plan in place or the accountability they may need, they find themselves inconsistent, unmotivated, and struggling to see progress. Remember,Ā this journey is anything but linear & that you can step into your embodied Self, take control, and learn how to support your healing & improve your health. Healing is possible, if you allow it to be possible. Adapting and adjusting to our present Self, learning to accept change, and building our wellness tool box is how begin laying the foundation to ensure success!

M3Ā is your guide of educational, easy-to-follow information and tools that will help you build a solid foundation to manage symptoms, improve health/disease, and live a higher quality of life! By incorporating small changes that are personal to you, you'll begin to find balance, create consistency, feel stronger, and more intuitive around your bio-individual needs.Ā 


This is a self-paced, transformational course that I have developed and programmed with my educational background, years of research, & my own health & healing journey, to help YOU enhance and/or get your life back! You will learn to become more self aware of what your body needs and how to live a proactive lifestyle that promotes a high quality of life!

Ā I know what it's like to not feel your best and experience chronic symptoms. When you have a better understanding of how your body works and what it needs, you begin to step in to your power to take back your life. It took time to get to where I am, and it'll take time for you too, but learning in the process makes it that much more rewarding going forward. You'll know what to do should a challenge arise. It is not my job to tell you what to do, rather, it's to equip you with the basic tools to turn your health and healing around, because you know what your body needs most!



  • safely & progressively improve movement & strength to support your body, learn to prevent injuries, and keep your body functioning.
  • find balance, clarity, mental shifts, and self embodiment to live a life of purpose and self-awareness.
  • and so much more!


  • the basics of strength training, how to approach movement based upon how your body feels, & how to feel confident on your own once you've completed the course!
  • how to maintain a regular, consistent routine that is sustainable.
  • how to support your healing & well-being by diving into the mind-body connection to adapt and handle all that life entails!Ā 

*Imagine finally finding a balanced, consistent routine that works for you & allows you to be in the driver's seat.

*Imagine your symptoms minimizing &Ā being able to work through them better!

*Imagine being more intuitive with your choicesĀ & how they affect your health & healing!

*Imagine a life where you're no longer a victim to your condition/poor health, & instead, living a life of reclaimed vitality!

*Imagine a future where you're in control, feeling confident, strong, empowered,Ā & most of allĀ HOPEFUL.

Are you ready to make the necessary changes to improve your health and support your healing?





6 Months


The Goodness Inside M3:

  • LIFETIME access to the course, including all future updates ($500 value)
  • 12+ Educational Modules & PDFs ($360)
  • Private FB Community for All Members for Extra Support ($200)
  • 12 Week (Intermediate) and 8 Week (Beginner) Strength Training Programs with Templates, Instructional Videos ($3,000)
  • Mobility, Core, Stretching and Injury Prevention Video Libraries ($400)
  • Breathwork Exercises, Energy Exercises, & Mindbody Practices ($300)

That's over $4,760 worth of health & healing enhancingĀ tools for only $397!


Liz is very easy-going with a no nonsense approach to training. I have felt an increase in strength in my legs, arms and core. I like seeing the changes in my everyday life as a result of training.

-Wendy P.

I've noticed my range of motion and flexibility have gotten better since exercising and stretching! My energy is better than before and I'm moving more days than not!

- Anon.

Feeling so good. Thank you for this course; Iā€™ve learned a great deal and the workouts have kicked me into high gear. I was too complacent and these have been a welcome change. I am now going back through the workouts! I love them and have saved them to my phone. I frequently use the breathing techniques when Iā€™m stressed.

-Erin W

I have been a client of Liz's this past year and have enjoyed my visits and her working with me on my MS. Liz has been good to work with doing the exercises needed to keep me going. The variety and creative ideas that she has given me to do at home while away have been great! I'm glad I have my time with her to keep me inspired. It's been the best choice to work with Liz.

-Carole V.

I love the authenticity and balance that Liz brings to every session. Connecting to my body again has stabilized more areas in my life than just the physical; and Liz does a wonderful job at helping me make this mind + body connection in our workouts. After losing 60lbs of excess weight and 14" around my waist, I'm now gaining muscle while continuing to drop the inches with Liz. Better yet, I've never felt better or more alive. Thank you Liz!!

-Amber J.

I started the workouts last month and had a lag so I am restarting them this week. I took your advice as Iā€™m currently experiencing an RA flare and just did the mobility video and body weight or lighter weights for the workout. So thank you for theĀ Ā inspiration, I realize some movement and exercise is better than succumbing to the pain.

-Sandra G.

Hi! I'm Liz!

Exercise Physiologist Certified: American College of Sports Medicine
Sports Injury Specialist: National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
Mind-Body Fitness Trainer: Academy of Holistic Fitness
Fitness Nutrition Coach: National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association

M.S. Exercise Science & Physiology: Northern Michigan University

B.S Sports Science:Ā Northern Michigan University

I understand that adapting new fitness and mindfulness habits can be difficult. My goal is to encourage and support your journey, so that it becomes a part of who you are and your lifestyle.

It's time to be pro-active! Learn to cultivate energy-enhancing, sustainable habits that will support yourĀ health & healing over your lifetime!

After you complete this course, given that you have dedicated the necessary time & action, you will feel empowered, strong, & confident that you have cultivated the energy & shift to maintain this lifestyle long-term. I want to set you up for success & help you build a solid foundation for optimal health & healing!


And I know you're ready for it!

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